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“Woodstock Variations: In Stories & Songs” by Walter Parks

Walter Parks is a musician and guitarist who collaborated with the renowned folk singer Richie Havens. Richie Havens was known for his distinctive voice, soulful folk music, and his iconic performance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969.

Walter Parks played an important role in Richie Havens' later career. He was a guitarist and musical director for Richie Havens, accompanying him on tours and contributing to his live performances. Their collaboration allowed Richie Havens to continue sharing his music with audiences around the world. Walter Parks and Richie Havens had a musical partnership that left a significant impact on the folk music scene.

Please contact me for details about a solo performance of “Woodstock Variations: In Stories & Songs” by Walter Parks.


The set list for this show may include the following

Jimi Hendrix • Voodoo Chile Slight Return

Mississippi Queen • Mountain

Canned Heat • One The Road Again

Jefferson Airplane • Somebody To Love

Richie Havens • Freedom

The Who • See Me Feel Me

Joe Cocker • With A Little Help From My Friends

Joan Baez • We Shall Over Come

Creedence Clearwater • Green River

Arlo Guthrie • Amazing Grace

Sly & The Family Stone • Stand

The Band/Dylan • I Shall Be Released


The Who • Won’t Get Fooled Again

Richie Havens/Peter Gabriel • Time of The Tuning

Richie Havens/Traditional • Follow The Drinking Gourd

Curtis Mayfield • People Get Ready

Procol Harum • Whiter Shade of Pale (hit1968)

SImon • Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970)

Joni Mitchell/CSNY • Woodstock


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