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Jim Kweskin never too Late

Six decades after his first release, folk legend Jim Kweskin announces his new album Never Too Late, out January 26th on StorySound Records. The album features captivating duets with some of his favorite female singers, while simultaneously spotlighting the genre-and generation-hopping nature of Kweskin’s musical interests. Across 18 tracks, Never Too Late suggests a Great American Songbook where Leadbelly’s “Relax Your Mind” precedes the Tin Pan Alley tune “Sheik of Araby,” which leads into 1940’s country hit, “Remember Me.” 

'Never Too Late' features duets with Maria Muldaur, who first collaborated with him in the 1960s as part of Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band. Longtime collaborators Samoa Wilson and Meredith Axelrod, who have released full-length albums with Jim Kweskin. Meanwhile, Rose Guerin and Juli Crockett have been frequent performers at his concerts on both the East and West coasts, and Fiona Kweskin, his granddaughter, lends her vocals to several tracks and has been a recent addition to his live shows.

Jim Kweskin recorded Never Too Late in early 2023 at Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA, near his Boston home base. According to Kweskin, “almost every song on Never Too Late was either the first or second take because everyone was so good and prepared.” Joining Kweskin on this album are fiddler Suzy Thompson, dobro & steel guitar player Cindy Cashdollar, harmonicist Annie Raines, and his regular bassist/producer Matthew Berlin. 

Concert at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on February 4, 2024. Featuring special guests. Go to

Track List with duets

1. Let's Get Happy Together - with Maria Muldaur 

2. You're Just In Love - with Fiona Kweskin 

3. Honey In The Rock - with Samoa Wilson 

4. Mother Earth - with Rose Guerin & Group 

5. Leaving Home (Frankie and Johnny) - with Meredith Axelrod 

6. Side By Side - with Fiona Kweskin 

7. Sally Don't You Grieve - with Meredith Axelrod 

8. Never Too Late - with Juli Crockett 

9. Engine 143 - with Samoa Wilson 

10. The Lone Pilgrim - with Nell Foote & Group Choir 

11. Moby Dick - with Juli Crockett 

12. Relax Your Mind - with Rose Guerin 

13. The Sheik Of Araby - with Maria Muldaur 

14. Remember Me - with Samoa Wilson 

15. What Does The Deep Sea Say - with Fiona Kweskin 

16. Live And Let Live - with Juli Crockett 

17. I Ain't Never Been Satisfied - with Rose, Samoa, & Fiona 

18. The Cuckoo - with Jessie Benton


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