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Jake Leg Stompers, with their mix of Mississippi Delta Blues and Jug Band music, played amongst a mess of Vaudeville entertainment this Apil Fools Day. The band played some well known Delta Blues as well as some of original pieces. If you love pre-war music, this was the concert for you.

The Eggplant Faerie Players were a recurring act in the show. The duo juggled bowling pins, machettes, rubber chickens and practically anything they could find. They juggled in pairs, in the dark, along with on a nine foot unicycle of death. At one point in the show, they juggled nine pins on either side of a slightly frightened volunteer. The slightly frightened volunteer had to stand perfectly still, so she would not be *lightly* knocked upside the head from one of the flying pins. That was not all! The mostly brave volunteer was also asked to hold a carrot with her teeth during the event and at the end the duo knocked the carrot out of her moth using one of the bowling pins.

There were also feats of the mind, such as a man who solved a Rubiks Cube in under 3 and a half minutes; this was no ordinary Rubiks Cube solving. The man did it while wearing scuba gear and his face under the water. Still, this was not enough for this crowd! No, he solved this mind bending puzzle in time, while under water - while his hands were handcuffed together. He did all of this with the knowledge that if he failed, he would get a pie in the face. However, winning afforded the greater prize - a kiss from fair maiden holding the pie.

The beautiful and talented Leela Sophina, Queen of the Air also made multiple appearances throughout the show as she defied gravity on her trapeze.

The concert was perfect. The acts were perfect. The crowd was perfect. The venue was perfect. In short the whole show was PERFECT!

If you get a chance to see this show I would highly recommend it.

The Cookeville Times

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