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A Slammin' Good Time with the Steel City Jug Slammers

Jug bands got their name from using instruments that were either homemade or household items such as a jug. They originated in the South in the 19th century in Louisville, KY, most were made up predominately of African-American musicians and were popular in their heyday from the 1890s to the Great Depression.

THE STEEL CITY JUG SLAMMERS present the acoustic country blues roots music of 1920’s and 1930’s America. The early sounds of rural Deep South American music from the mountains of Appalachia, rural Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, to the cites of Memphis, San Antonio and beyond. And they also perform new songs that are written by the band members. Exciting new jug band songs from the 21st century that use the past as a foundation.

Listen here to new songs from their most recent album "Hot Butter."

"Fantastic! They were exceptional! The crowd loved them; We loved them..”

Greg Schmitz, Sioux River Folk Festival, Canton, SD

...this group has all the charm of a century-old traveling music show fresh off the train, and will keep your attention captive from the first time you hear the blow of the jug and pluck of the tub bass." -

Go to their web site

Please contact us about bringing this exciting fun group to your events.


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