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Steel City Jug Slammers

Like juke-joint heroes of the early 1900s, Birmingham’s Steel City Jug Slammers perform Delta blues and old-time jug music. Their latest self-titled album is is a blend of traditional stringed instruments including guitar, mandolin and banjo, as well conventional jug band instruments such as the washtub bass, kazoo and the ever-present jug. The Steel City Jug Slammers have a distinctive 1920s speakeasy vibe to their music, an amalgamation of hot jazz and vaudeville and jug band, which they have mixed into their own unique sound. It is the music of a bygone era.

They are available for your venue or festival music events 2019. The Steel City Jug Slammers are much like the Avett Brothers and just as exciting.

Great Video here

...this group has all the charm of a century-old traveling music show fresh off the train, and will keep your attention captive from the first time you hear the blow of the jug and pluck of the tub bass." -

and from Radio Bristol

The Steel City Jug Slammers were on A Prairie Home Companion on February 21, 2015. See their performance below.

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