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Looking for authentic old-time string band music that will transport your audience back to a bygone era? Look no further than The Down Hill Strugglers! With their virtuosic musicianship and deep reverence for traditional American folk music, The Down Hill Strugglers will have your audience tapping their feet and clapping their hands in no time. From the high-energy breakdowns of the Appalachian mountains to the haunting ballads of the Deep South, The Down Hill Strugglers' music is guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds. So why wait? Book The Down Hill Strugglers for your music venue and experience the magic of old-time string band music live and in person!

“The Down Hill Strugglers are, to my ears, the very best interpreters of traditional material presently going.”

- Amanda Petrusich, The New Yorker

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The Down Hill Strugglers are:

Walker Shepard - fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmonica, voice

Jackson Lynch - fiddle, banjo, guitar, voice

Eli Smith - banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, Jews harp, pump organ, voice

“Here’s three of my favorite people to play and sing with ever, kicking musical ass all over the landscape. If you like your trad/roots benter and hotter than normal, you’ll love this!”

- Peter Stampfel, Holy Modal Rounders and Fugs.


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