Podcast #7

A new podcast with 70 minutes of exciting music including live tracks by Meredith Axelrod & Frank Fairfield, The Steel City Jug Slammers, Jim Kweskin, Rick Vito & Jonny Lang, Hubby Jenkins & Meredith Axelrod, Terry Waldo and Jerron Paxton, Felicia Nielsen, and The Americans. Plus studio tracks from Markus James, Billy Jones Band, Peter Lang, The Down Hill Strugglers, and Harris James.

Link here to listen https://app.box.com/file/659134675547?sb=/details

Tracks come from the following: "Green" by Markus James from the album HEAD FOR THE HILLS. "Morris Slater" by the Steel City Jug Slammers comes from the Four Birds Sessions on YouTube. Jim Kweskin performing with the Steel City Jugs Slammers was recorded at the Woodsongs show from YouTube. Hubby Jenkins & Meredith Axelrod from YouTube with "One Way Gal." Aaron Jonah Lewis is from the album THE MOZART OF THE BANJO-THE JOE MORLEY PROJECT with "Walk Round." The Corn Potato String Band with "Hot Fiddlin' Man" is from YouTube. Felicia Nielsen with "Vak Upp, Vak Upp" is from YouTube. "Fallin From The Sky" by Markus James is from the album HEAD FOR THE HILLS. "Don't Let It Drag" by Harris James is an unreleased track. "I'm Yo Freak" by the Billy Jones Band is from FUNKY SOUL & SOUTHERN BLUES VOL. 1. Rick Vito with Jonny Lang performing "Black Magic Woman" is from YouTube. The Hoodoo Men recording of "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is from their album GOOFER DUST. "Why I Like Roosevelt" is from YouTube by The Americans. Terry Waldo with Jerron Paxton and the Gotham City Band is from YouTube. "Daddy Be Careful" by Meredith Axelrod & Frank Fairfield is from YouTube recorded live a McCabe's Guitar Shop. "Rosco Parrish Tune" by The Down Hill Strugglers is from their first album, SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME. Peter Lang's version of "Colored Aristocracy" is from his album TESTAMENT. The last track is titled "Heatin' Up Now" by Markus James from the album "SNAKESKIN VIOLIN."

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