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now booking: Guy Davis 2021 grammy nominee

Nominated in 2021 for a Grammy as BEST TRADITIONAL BLUES ALBUM "Be Ready When I Call You" The awards will be held in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022.

"One of the most gifted acoustic musicians on the planet, Guy Davis mixes light and airy melodies with profound observations about life in a troubled world on his latest album, a tour de force follow-up to Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train, which earned him and his partner, Fabrizio Poggi, a 2017 Grammy nomination. " - Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine

Guy Davis is a Blues singer, guitarist and harp player who has deep roots in Delta history that inform his playing and writing as he goes about his work of preserving acoustic country Blues. Travelling the world playing clubs and Festivals, Guy is an accomplished actor as well as a musician, and his writing includes dramatic works as well as Blues songs.

Guy Davis once said, “I like antiques and old things, old places, that still have the dust of those who’ve gone before us lying upon them.” Blowing that dust off just enough to see its beauty is something Guy has excelled at for over twenty years of songwriting and performing. It’s no wonder his reverence for the music of the Blues Masters who’ve gone before him has been evident in every album he’s ever recorded or concert he’s given.

Guy has had his musical storytelling influenced by artists like Blind Willie McTell and Big Bill Broonzy, and his musicality from artists as diverse as Lightnin’ Hopkins and Babatunde Olatunji. However, there’s one man that Guy most credits for his harmonica techniques, by stealing and crediting from him everything that he could, and that man is the legendary Sonny Terry.

For more information go to and contact us about bringing Guy Davis to your music event!

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