Meredith Axelrod & Frank Fairfield

Meredith & Frank bring a unique presentation of obscure American music to your festival or venue. Early American songs from the 1800’s to the 1930’s. Blues, folk, hillbilly & more!

Meredith Axelrod & Frank Fairfield will sing the sweetest melodies of yesteryear and transport you musically to 1928 via all your old favorite songs. They play various string instruments and learn all their music from sheet music and recordings that were done in the time that the music was new.

Meredith Axelrod and Frank Fairfield kicked off the Brooklyn Folk Festival in Brooklyn, NY in 2016. Meredith was at the 2017 Vancouver Folk & Music Festival (with Jim Kweskin) and the Calgary Folk Festival (with Blind Boy Paxton) and the Eureka Springs Folk Festival in Eureka Springs AR. Frank has performed at Newport Folk, Vancouver Island Music Festival, Long Beach Folk Festival and the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR.

Frank is in AMERICAN EPIC with Jack White, T-Bone Burnett and more, that aired on PBS & the BBC in 2017. Frank’s segment "If The River Was Whiskey.” Frank has a strong loyal following and his concert appearances are rare.

Audiences love their presentation of classic long forgotten songs. Here is video of them performing a cowboy hillbilly classic!

The web sites and

Frank & Meredith performing at Union Station, Los Angeles.

Frank Fairfield & Meredith Axelrod Union Station Los Angeles

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